Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flour paste resist

Others have written about this resist including Judi so check out her blog for some info.  The first example is of what not to do, at least for me. I had great hopes that the crackle would save some really bad glue resist screen prints. Nope, now they're even worse. But if you take a closer look at the right edge on the blank muslin there is a possibility that I might be able to get something great.

 The black crackle is a bit overdone, but it's great. A light coat of FPR was applied over canvas fabric and once the FPR was dry and cracked black Dye-na-flow was painted over the surface and allowed to dry. To heat-set the Dye-na-flow the back side was ironed about 5 times, then I soaked the fabric in cold water for about an hour before rinsing it under cold water and then tossed it into the washing machine to remove any remaining FPR.


queenopearls said...

Well I think the top crackle photo has a lot of possibilities for adding things on top which will be set off by the black. That's just me. I really enjoy the colors with the black.
The black crackle finish has a lot of character. I keep thinking of the web of life.
I admire your adventurous Spirit!

La Dolce Vita said...

i must be missing something, I think that they are all wonderful!! : )

ART*ticulation said...

Wow this seems like a lot of work to produce the incredible effects. The top piece I really enjoyed mainly because of all the color. But with that being said the other 2 pieces are awesome also. Like "C" "the web of Life". It's a wonderful background for you next idea or combining with other pieces or whatever way your thinking of going with it:>)

Approachable Art said...

I like the top fabric, it has a lot of potential! There are many things you can do to tame it, or you can just use small pieces of it as visual texture. :D Nice work! (And thanks for the mention.)

Jay said...

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