Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week #6

Two pieces of felt, gold and grey, needle punched together. For some reason I couldn't needle punch swirls with the embellisher so I rubber stamped a few onto tissue paper and pined them in place onto the grey side to use as a guide. After they were punched and the tissue fell apart other shapes were lightly drawn in with a blue-green pen. Some of the ink lines came through on the gold side looking green, interesting. And the the dark gold tissue paper came through in the lower left area looking a little rusty. Couldn't have planned any of this if I tried!
Back side. Very bland, but when needle punched from both sides exciting things happen, in this case I thought that the grey side was going to be the front. The gold side ended up being the winner.

Another rough patch hit this week. My rock, the man in my life, was diagnosed with Melanoma and will have surgery next Friday. The oncologist wanted to know why I thought the spot looked suspicious. What can I say, I just knew.

Quote: When a bad patch shows up, patch it up with a smile. Sally Huss


Julie said...

So sorry to hear you have yet more to cope with but thank goodness you noticed this early. I hope your man's surgery will be completely successful.

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

I like this piece to but then again as you have heard a million times I love your art. Seems like a bunch of steps went into this one but the finished piece is wonderful Gail.

Penny said...

Cant believe you got such clear lines on this, its great but I dont think I want to try it! think my brain might frizzle up and die trying it.

Anonymous said...

Gail - This is a lovely piece. It has a depth to it. So sorry to hear about your man's Melanoma - hope the surgery went well.
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