Saturday, October 11, 2008

52 projects. Week #4

52 projects, what was I thinking? My state-of-mind was at an all time low this past week and everything seemed tedious, unsatisfactory or just plain lame. Staying in bed wasn't an option so I forged ahead in the only way I know how which is to pretend that everything is okay until it is.
This morning I was finally able to turn off the AC that has been running non-stop since the end of May. Amazing how nice it is to feel a breeze coming through the open windows!

This piece started out by simply tossing some yellow netting onto a reddish painted dye-na-flow painted piece of canvas fabric and trying to figure out how to attach it without the embellisher. All of the black lines are machine stitching, some straight stitches while others are layered with at least two stitches overlapping creating a new stitch. All of the yellow is netting. Once the stitching was done the piece was cut to fit onto a 5x7 inch piece of light-weight denim that had been edge stitched using the new foot attachment Bah! Just bloody awful! More stitching with black thread to incorporate the netting piece with the blue denim. A little better. Out to the garage to throw some paint on; my motto is if all else fails grab paint! After adding black dots and lines of red, both of which greatly improved the piece, I deemed it fini!

Quote:It's not so important who starts the game but who finishes it. John Wooden

Joseph Joubert. Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them.


Linda said...

Gail, I really love this piece!! Love the colors, love the lines, love it, great job!

Val Foster said...

Hi there. Remember me? Sorry, I kinda "dropped out" for a while, not sure why but think I needed to. Anyway, I love this piece. Love the colors...yellow and wine/burgundy is one of my favorite color combos. The netting is very cool too. And the dots and lines, yes, they add a lot of visual interest. Very cool piece Gail.

I hope to catch up on the group today, see what's been going on, what I've missed. Also, hope to jump into some art today -- it's been a while.