Monday, July 14, 2008

Crackled or shattered?

Underneath of this crackle is a painting that is best covered up! If all else fails cover it up. I have absolutely no idea where it's going from here. But it's one of the best crackles I've ever done.

Just as I thought, the book mentioned in the post below brought on a flood of tears. I think that I've kept the flood-gate closed, tightly, by being cranky and angry when I needed to open the gate. The book is short and a nice easy fast read; nothing really all that note-worthy but it's as if I wrote it, her words and thoughts are mine and when I got to this, "Mama was not Mama anymore. I realized that my most vocal booster, supporter, and cheerleader was gone. She was no longer able to tell me how precious I was to her, how much she loved me, how much confidence she had in me, how I could do anything I wanted to . . ." well, I lost it!

My mother was always the first person I told anything and everything to and who stood by my side when others left and helped me through all of the rough times with Stacy and now that person doesn't exist . . . (Someone once told me that we tell our stories to not only understand them better, but perhaps to help others who might be going through similar things in their lives. I truly believe that, so I'm grateful that Linda Combs told her story.)

Quote: The flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.
Chinese proverb


Julie said...

Sometimes tears are what we need.

When I met my present husband's mother she already had Alzheimer's. I never knew the real Ivy although I could see glimpses of the lovely lady she had once been. It was a very hard road to journey down even though we were not her pimary care givers. Eventually Ivy had to go into residential care and it was difficult to watch her deterioration. This disease is so cruel. Ivy passed away 2 years ago and it is a comfort to know that her confusion was over.

My own mother is 83 and seems quite well but during a recent visit with us lost something every day and was at a loss. Mostly she just hadn't looked properly. We joked about it but I do worry that it may be an early indication.

You have so much to cope with, is there any support available to you where you live?

Marilyn said...

Gail, my heart goes out to you and Stacy. As you know I went through the same thing with my mother. It's very difficult to watch a loved one deteriorate. My hat's off to you.

sharon said...

You made it to the PULSE. Firstly congrats with that and secondly i just wanted to say that your words have prompted me to leave a comment... Beautiful words with some stunning visuals.