Sunday, July 13, 2008

Amusing myself!

Sometimes one needs to find amusement whenever and wherever one can find it! The sauna-like-conditions haven't been conducive to evening watering (the drip system doesn't cover all of the areas, yet!) so I took my camera outdoors with me and took a lot of photos. I love close-ups that I can manipulate, but thought I'd share these instead. This yard has only been in for 16 months. Some of you may remember seeing photographs of the bare bones which in this case is horrible desert soil! Everything in these photos has ended up here after a lot of sweat; to say the least I'm quite pleased with the results. Upper left, the vine growing up the pole of the pergola that shades my bedroom and the dwarf lime tree. Upper right, the view from outside of my bedroom looking to the west. Bottom left, basil waiting to be made into pesto. Lower right, The mounded area outside of the dining room/great room which is also under the tree in the pic just above it.
White oleander nicely back lit. A cactus I brought with me from Monterey. Notice the two babies in the front of it, this plant multiplies like crazy!
A palm tree in the front yard next door, back lit. And a grape leaf in full sunlight. I doubt we'll ever have any grapes, but the vine is doing quite well.

Quotes: The real character of a man is found out by his amusements.
-Joshua Reynolds

The mind ought sometimes to be diverted, that it may return the better to thinking.

The only way to amuse some people is to slip and fall on an icy pavement.
-Ed Howe


Doreen K. said...

What a beautiful back yard you have. I live in the desert too. About 90 miles north of Vegas. Small town in the middle of the desert called Mesquite. Need to work on my back yard.

Penny said...

Gail the garden looks absolutely lovely, I am afraid mine is full of weeds at the moment.

queenopearls said...

Your yard is beautiful! You'd never think it is hot outside by that photo. Seriously. It looks serene, peaceful, dare I say cool... on so many levels. Thank you for sharing the wonderful view!

Marilyn said...

You have done a great job with your garden - it's hard enough to get a beautiful garden in Orange County, but in the desert, no less!