Monday, June 30, 2008


Not much of a challenge, but I tossed this one out to my yahoo group. Use puzzle pieces and rubber stamp on them. A few members played along. After trying a few things the pieces that worked for me were first spray painted with black then stamped with white dye ink and sealed with Future wax.

What's the difference between scanning and photographing? Sometimes there is a vast difference as in the case of a gesso textured mat board with a black acrylic wash and a touch of treasure gold highlighting. I didn't like the scan on the left so once I glued on the puzzle pieces for a cirque inspired effect I photographed the piece. The photograph is truer to the black and white of the piece but still isn't accurate and the puzzle pieces are barely noticeable. (click on photos to enlarge.)

Quote: Got a goal? Without a doubt you will succeed. With a doubt you might not. Sally Huss

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Val Foster said...

I like this piece Gail, the puzzle pieces look cool in black and white. Unfortunately they don't show up too well, and hardly at all on the scan on the left. But it looks like there's lots of yummy texture in the pics. I love what you do with gesso!