Friday, June 27, 2008

Give Worry a rest. It gets tired too. By Sally Huss

Oh how I wish I could give worry a rest! Stacy spent three days in ICU last week when her BP was so high the top of her head nearly exploded, at least that's the way she explained it. Numerous seizures and BP readings all over the charts was more worrisome than anything we've experienced in awhile. Hopefully, I'll get some studio time this weekend.


Carol said...

Thinking of you both and hoping for more settled times, sending you all my spare energy, which is admittedly is not much!

Liz said...

So sorry to hear of your troubles. Hope you can get back to your studio and some time with the muse soon. You do beautiful work. I just discovered your blog and I am enchanted with the quotes! Where do you find them?

Jan said...

All good thoughts and prayers being sent your way ..... keep positive.
love Jan x

Jan said...

forgot to mention Gail, A fantastic blog with some stupendous work. This won't be my last visit.
take care Jan x