Monday, April 02, 2007

Six Months!!

We moved into our new house six months ago today! The last few weeks have been devoted to getting the backyard in and I've never been so thrilled to be able to say, PHEW!! What a workout! The two trees on the top left were delivered on March 23 and planted on the 25th.
Seven men took over the backyard for two days and I lost my bearings along the way and gave up when they stacked the brick retaining wall incorrectly! The photo on the left shows their idea of putting in a retaining wall! My friend and I spent March 28-30th correcting it and filling the flower bed with top soil. At least the crew of 7 did the drainage and drip system, though, I need to redo most of the placement for the drip . . . The top right photo is of my grandson, or I should say, Chief Gardener! The middle bottom photo is from the north end of the yard and left one is taken from under my shade structure/arbor.

Tip: click on the photos to for a larger version.

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