Friday, April 13, 2007

Library Card

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What are the numbers? My birthday and the year Stacy was born!

Some days are worth getting out of bed for and this is one of them. The desert is at her best when the sky is clear and the mountains aren't enshrouded in haze. The brown barren mountains can be lovely with shadows on them either early in the morning or late in the day. Yesterday's windstorm and light rain cleaned up the atmosphere and gifted us with an above average day; rare as of late. I have all of the windows open to air out the stuffy house after days of running the AC.

I'd given up growing roses during my 30 years on the Monterey Peninsula so you can imagine my delight when I wandered around the newly planted garden early this morning and discovered that there were 3 blooms; one yellow and two red. I brought home a succulent today that the checker didn't want to handle. She thought it had a spider web on it and must be frightened of spiders. "Would you mind putting it in the bag?" she asked. I smiled. "The name is Cobweb, so what you're seeing is part of the plant." She shook her head and handed me a bag. I hope that I can get some close-ups of it; it is a visually exciting plant. I love photographing things in my garden so even though I'm still suffering the effects of putting in the yard I'm thrilled to be surrounded by plant life again. I can't imagine not having a garden and I finally have a private one. The house in Pacific Grove only had a front yard which at times drove me nuts. I would have enjoyed sitting outdoors more but it was too public. Happily, the front yard is taken care of by the HOA.

Quote: Life is not meant to be easy--wonderful yes,
but not easy.
Sally Huss

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