Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wonderfulicious Wednesday - #naturechallenge

 A dear cyber friend and talented artist nominated me to join the 7-day FB #naturechallenge. I decided to take the challenge and add my own take on it and photograph daily gifts in my garden.
The pansies were placed on a rusted pan and photographed with the iPhone under florescent lights.

Day 2 is an Agave Bloom on the bloom stalk that I've had the joy of watching grow.
I've documented the journey from birth to full yellow blooms and plan to post the
photos soon.

Day 3. In just the right light the flowers on the succulents sparkle and seem 
to dance in delight. 

Day 4. At this time of year it seems that the entire area is bursting
with either pink oleanders or reddish bougainvillea. I chose red oleanders for
a hedge down one side of the house and Opal Bougainvillea to grow on
a pergola post. When the afternoon sun back-lit the above vine I knew just
how I wanted to alter the final image. 

Day 5. When I planted white bougainvillea vines
nine years ago I was told numerous times
that they wouldn't grow. The two vines full of white flowers
prove that it's worth it to try regardless of naysayers,  

Day 6. Saw a fern unfurling, chose the
macro lens . . . some color tweaking and ended up
with more of an abstract effect than I expected.

Day 7, macro.
 The saga of the grape vines. 
I'm always blown away when the birth of grapes
begin. Tiny.
We've only enjoyed bunches of
grapes the first couple of years and since
then the birds feast on them. Last year
mildew claimed them. This year the
bunches seem to be very prolific . . 
Time will tell what is in store for the vines. 

The resident Hummer enjoying the Agave Bloom. 

Thank you Shirley for encouraging me to post more often. 


Penny said...

Lovely photos.

karen christensen said...

An impressive group of seven! Spring and fall seem to be the most fun for photographing, so much color. I am especially envious of your hummingbird photo!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Great choices the hummingbird! Interesting this Agave bloom! Happy Wednesday!

Caterina Giglio said...

Stunning shots as always I agree with Mary Ann.. Interesting agave!