Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Wonderfulicious Wednesday, 3 months later

I'm a bit surprised that it's been three months since I've posted anything . . . Health crap again! Three years after chemo and radiation I took a nose-dive  . . . and after taking control of my health things are slowly turning around.  Nuff said . .. Art does heal! I've returned to my love of altering photos and signed up for a course with Sebastian Michaels that has brought excitement back into my life. 


Wonderfulicious Wednesday!
Flowers on a trailing succulent plant.
Elements: image of Blue Kino rock, Monarch butterflies, 
and a texture layer.

March is full of losses and has been since my dad passed away 16 years 
ago this month. A stillborn grandson, an ex, and my guy  have followed
over the years. . . and five years 
ago mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. 
Getting thru March is challenging but every March I seem to rally
and take on new projects; it's like I'm led into them. This year is no
exception so when a bunch of $1.49 daffodils nearly threw themselves
into the shopping cart I knew there was a reason. JOY! The color yellow
is so uplifting, begging to be photographed. And one
things leads to another.

I tend to create series of a subject.
The top one is the original.
Elements: three layers of texture and
text from a card my remaining sent
me on my dad's birthday, March 4th. 

Ever since my darkroom days back in the 80's of working
in Black and White I haven't been able to
leave a photo alone. I have no idea 
why I'm compelled to take an image 
and alter it but I'm
grateful for Apps and Photoshop.

This image is a combination of two images
and two texture layers. The Agave Stalk Bloom
is part of a series I will blog about soon, and
the butterfly was extracted from a busy

Tarquinia, Italy, 2009. A grab shot as we drove through
the village. At the time I knew the image would end
up altered in some way. 

Elements: A scan of an acrylic painting, image
of the Red Moon and a sunset photo from 
the patio.

And a photo taken from my bedroom window of a tree on the golf
course on the block behind me. Why? Trying out the 
zoom on the camera when I purchased it nearly 2 years ago. 
Challenge: experimenting with layers on a mundane photo. 
Elements: images of a sunset. the Red Moon and a texture layer.

"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the
physician. Therefore the physician must start
from nature with an open mind."


Penny said...

Glad you have finally been having some fun.

Julie said...

Your grab shot is beautiful as are all the others. I'm glad too that your art is helping you heal and that the daffodils have lifted you up. Keep looking forward x