Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Dance

 Photographing paintings can be tricky and elaborate of which I'm not a fan of, or simplified and doable. 
I don't have the space to set up lights nor the patience to do that kind of photography. But when the painting I just finished refused to be photographed anywhere near what it looks like I nearly changed my mind. Bravo to the internet and free information. The above version was taken on Auto. 

I found a fabulous site on how to photograph just about any art.  But, I'm really all about easy these days so when I found a Skye Taylor youtube that was quick and provided a brilliant idea for making a white card, well, eureka!

I don't have a full size easel so a table-top one on top of a stool was something my dad would have done; use what you have. I do have a tripod and a digital camera. For a white card I was able to create something like Skye did in the youtube. I needed a refresher on how to program the camera to custom white balance. The photo below is pretty close to what the painting looks like. The info in the first link is more valuable than a book I purchased a few years ago; I'll refer to it if I ever need a more professional photo of my work In the meantime I'll keep using the easy system.
The Dance. Acrylic 20x24

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hw (hallie) farber said...

I love all these April posts. I think it's an entrance to a wonderful year for you.