Tuesday, April 01, 2014

March Happenings

Hadn't been to the La Quinta Arts Festival in 3 years. It was time for another visit.

We were greeted by Michael Gard's sculpture dancing in the breeze.

Fondness for trees.
The setting for what is known as the #1 Fine Arts and Craft Festival
in the nation.

Hadn't visited Bob William's Nursery in about 4 years.

We bought the plant below about 6 years ago and it's multiplied numerous times. The name on
the pot was Spider Web. But alas at the nursery I found out that it's AKA Lemon Drop Fortnight Lily.
Mmmm, which name is more suitable?

Worked on setting up a studio in what was mom's casita. There is a breezeway
between the house and the Studio. Yes, a separate entrance!
Some furniture I painted for the Studio. 

And once again the magical cactus blooms are starting to greet me daily.
 I think of them as the gift of April! 


Julie said...

Your studio will be lovely with a bit of a breeze blowing through. I used to go to a lot of cactus growers years ago but havn't bought any in a long time. Those spines look rather sharp ;-) Enjoy your blooms!

Penny said...

Looking lovely.

PAMO said...

I'm so glad you got out to enjoy the art show and revisit past spaces. Beautiful photos.
Your new studio space is simply lovely and I can see all kinds of wonderful possibilities. Enjoy!
You deserve it!!!