Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surreal and illusions

The last nine months have been surreal and I often think that the entire cancer experience has been an illusion; surely that didn't happen to me!

Being the CEO of the kitchen and making sure we eat better, whatever that means, cooking has taken over my life. I know that eventually things will fall into place and I'll have time to create but in the meantime I'm thrilled to have discovered Pixir both for the computer and iPhone. The portrait was manipulated on the iPhone. Life is often viewed through layers of veils, isn't it?

Wind storm? One of the projects in Susan Tuttle's Pixir workshop uses selective focus. I've always found it difficult to capture an imagine of trees being blasted by wind. This focus feature has graduated focus sections resulting in the bottom looking more blurry than the middle section. Great possibilities if I can figure out which photos to try. (this and the following photo is for C. )

Starry Night? Or is it? The photo was shot during the day but after adding quite a few layers this wintery sky was created. Gotta love apps!


PAMO said...

Beautiful photos! I'm sure C. will love them too. :-)

I applaud you being CEO in the kitchen. What a great way to be proactive. Taking charge where you can is positive and life affirming.

Another lovely post Gail! Thank you.

queenopearls said...

GREAT job with the photos my Culinary Alchemist!

Seth said...

Looks like you have found several ways to keep your creative mind active. That last photo is stunning!

Caterina Giglio said...

your photos are all wonderful, but your selfies are fabulous, they show what you have been through, but also the beauty that has been revealed in the struggle... well done..xx

. said...

I love your photography and the way you work with textiles/mixed media. All look very lovely and exciting, very much full of life. I was also reading about your fight with cancer and Im amazed with your wonderful and beautiful view of life, you are such a inspiration to all of us. Beautiful blog, I have to read and see more.