Saturday, March 24, 2012


 I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today; one year ago today "my guy" passed. A few months before he had the strokes that in the end were impossible to come back from we went to Italy. Our first night was spent at Hotel Stanley in Florence. The black and white photos, above, were the view out of the window. All of the photos  have been fused onto a piece of black fabric discharged with Thiox. I have no idea what black fabric I used, but it discharged to tan/white.
 Near the swimming pool there was a greenhouse that was used for storage. The design was on a panel leaning against the window. And near the greenhouse was a lily pond. I don't have a clue where this fabric is headed. For now I've put it aside.
 I couldn't resist playing with some iPhone apps of the first image.
Sketchbook app, on the Kindle Fire, has a few fun brushes that I tried out. The blue image is completely sketchbook created. The other two are Camera apps on the iPhone using the
 imported blue drawing.

R.F's Rose. The first bloom of the year happened on this day last year; this year the first
flower bloomed two days ago which marked the 12th anniversary of my father's death. (Camera+ app shot > scenes > clarity > borders > vignette.)


PAMO ART said...

Oh Gail- my heart goes out to you. I'm glad you are remembering him today.
Beautiful fabrics as usual. You have a wonderful eye with an exceptional spirit to match.


Penny said...

Remember him well and keep remembering him so he survives for you and is not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful images! Love how you used these apps to create your pieces!!

Julie said...

A year already, how time passes but I know you keep him close in your heart. It is good to see you creating with these images of your time together and happy days. xxx

Anonymous said...

I would love to see those fabrics in person. Wow! So sorry for your loss. The 1 year anniversary of my father's death is next month. My prayers are with you.