Tuesday, March 20, 2012

App Recipe Book at Dave's

It's time for Dave's App Recipe Book over on  http://www.clearerreflections.com/   Photo taken with a digital camera.Coliseum Pompeii, Italy. Imported to iPhone. Pic Grunger App > aged > border. This is more like Pompeii felt to me. I can't even imagine what the last days of Pompeii must have been like. For a collection of videos go here.
Another digital camera image of Pompeii. Two photos layered in ArtStudio; a fresco over a photo of columns Contrast adjusted > camera+> Scene > portrait.

This is the photo layered with the fresco, above. This version started in Grungetastic >; Style >; distressed #6.> Camera+ > scene >; clarity

Pompeii meets Orvieto, Italy. Another digital camera image. Layered in ArtStudio > adjusted for brightness. More photos on my other blog.


Rayna said...

These are sooo cool!

queenopearls said...

Exceptional~~!! I really like the layers. They add something very special. Depth? Character? Perception? Okay, all of these and more!

Anonymous said...

These are incredible images!! Love how you used the apps on these...great recipes!! Thanks so much for joining in!!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous, as usual! I still can't figure out how to layer photos with apps. I think I have ArtStudio. Is that for iphone?

Holly Dean said...

Wow, Gail!!! These are wonderful! I love all of them :)