Saturday, October 15, 2011

iPhone Madness continues

 The sky was dramatic a few nights ago, but a normal shot couldn't capture it; enter an iPhone app. I have no idea which one this is but it captured the mood of that evening. Photography, to me, is about capturing a mood.
Another mood shot. Spencer is now 12 years old and is constantly at my side. I imagine that he misses his sister. The lines on the patio make this photo more interesting than it otherwise would have been. A grunge filter and frame app. were used.

This shot is way too contrasty but it's a panorama consisting of 3 individual shots that were stitched together via a panorama app. The best time to get a photo of the yard without so much contrast is on anover-cast day or when the sun dips behind the mountains. (photosynth app.)

Friday, October 07, 2011

Fall in the desert.

Ah, finally, some cool temps! I kid you not, this is cool, so much so that if the lawns weren't being scalped for the annual planting of winter rye grass I'd have the windows and doors open. But the air is nasty; full of dust. I forgot that I have another blog where I just posted a few more iPhone photos. It's over here: I've neglected it for over a year so I'm surprised that it still exists.

Wise words: Inner Attitudes correspond to outer behavior. Watch em! Sally Husss

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

20,133 hits!

I'm very surprised. I haven't checked the counter in ages so when I discovered a few minutes ago that the counter said 20,133 . . . well, you could have knocked me over. Nice.

 Oh my! I've discovered iPhone camera apps. I used to fool around with a variety of films eons ago that would do similar effects. All of these photos were taken this evening just as the sun went down behind the mountains; low light conditions.
 This particular app. is Hipstamatic. Once that one is purchased there are a few other apps. that can purchased, all under the Hipstamatic app.
 Such as infrared, above, or monochrome, or maybe that one is free
 The one below is Kodot XGrizzled.
I've  had the iPhone for a few months and it continues to blow me away! Who knew that a phone could be so much fun?

For a class on how to use the iPhone camera go here: It's the Ishot That class.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Five Years!!!!

 I just realized that five years ago today we moved into a brand new never-lived-in house. It was 108 degrees that day and it's 100 today, even though it looks like winter; there is a cloud covering today with the threat of rain, or maybe, it's the promise of rain? The backyard, brick walled in, was planted in March of the following year, until then there was only desert soil. The palm tree is the neighbors; palms aren't allowed in my yard. The tree in the corner was shorter than the wall and is in need of drastic pruning. Every spring the winds knock it over and in May it nearly hit the pergola; the roots aren't strong enough yet for its height. The brick retaining wall, curved, gave the yard some character; it was just too flat, and areas for planting cactus. The cactus next to the pergola post has grown 7 feet in 2 years and the cactus at the base of the tall one wasn't even visible last December. Off to the right, just out of the photo, is a fountain. The pergola shades my bedroom window.
Ode to October. This is a difficult month for me; two years on the 17th my guy suffered two strokes and my life drastically changed. So, I've decided to celebrate the month of October rather than go down the road of grief again. Here's to loving October and the wonders of the month, and may this month shine bright and no longer be difficult.