Wednesday, October 05, 2011

20,133 hits!

I'm very surprised. I haven't checked the counter in ages so when I discovered a few minutes ago that the counter said 20,133 . . . well, you could have knocked me over. Nice.

 Oh my! I've discovered iPhone camera apps. I used to fool around with a variety of films eons ago that would do similar effects. All of these photos were taken this evening just as the sun went down behind the mountains; low light conditions.
 This particular app. is Hipstamatic. Once that one is purchased there are a few other apps. that can purchased, all under the Hipstamatic app.
 Such as infrared, above, or monochrome, or maybe that one is free
 The one below is Kodot XGrizzled.
I've  had the iPhone for a few months and it continues to blow me away! Who knew that a phone could be so much fun?

For a class on how to use the iPhone camera go here: It's the Ishot That class.

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queenopearls said...

Exceptionally cool photos and I am delighted with what you are creating with your iPhone! Most most excellent!!!!
Love the effects!!!