Saturday, October 15, 2011

iPhone Madness continues

 The sky was dramatic a few nights ago, but a normal shot couldn't capture it; enter an iPhone app. I have no idea which one this is but it captured the mood of that evening. Photography, to me, is about capturing a mood.
Another mood shot. Spencer is now 12 years old and is constantly at my side. I imagine that he misses his sister. The lines on the patio make this photo more interesting than it otherwise would have been. A grunge filter and frame app. were used.

This shot is way too contrasty but it's a panorama consisting of 3 individual shots that were stitched together via a panorama app. The best time to get a photo of the yard without so much contrast is on anover-cast day or when the sun dips behind the mountains. (photosynth app.)

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Penny said...

Wish I could drop over for a visit. It looks very inviting.