Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Month Gone!

At 11am the temp was heading for 100 degrees for the second day. Where did May go? Four weeks ago today mom was moved from the hospital to a skilled nursing home; it's taken me three weeks to finally get to a a good place, one of well-being. I imagine she'll be coming home soon. The entire breast cancer/mastectomy episode has been fairly stress-free amazingly enough. Maybe it's because I refused to get emotional over it; it seems that when I become too emotional  over something that's when I run into trouble both mentally and physically. I couldn't do anything about what was going on with mom other than to see her through it and that's what I did.
A couple of weeks ago when I was doing my daily tour of the garden I was greeted by the "conductor of the garden." I had no idea that this tall fuzzy cactus bloomed. It sends shoots out from the side and then blooms.  Four babies are growing at the base of this tall stately cactus that was once planted in an arrangement that Roger brought home about 3 years ago. Every one of the plants has been removed from the low round pot and each of the specimens are now somewhere in the garden. Everything grows here with lightning speed.

Who knew that grape stems look like leaf-less trees? I've been collecting the stems for awhile now; instant trees! I haven't altered a photo in months so I thought it was time to see if I remembered how to play with photos. This one isn't too bad for someone whose skills have become very rusty.

Quote: Another winner from Sally Huss
"Find a time each day when nothing is required.
It makes the other times more effective."


Penny said...

Hi Gail, glad to see you posting again, Hope thigs go sthly for awhile. Not keen on that heat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail. It's nice to see you back. I'm glad your mom is doing well and glad you have handled the whole situation relatively stress free.
Your photos are gorgeous as always. I look forward to seeing more.

Kim Palmer said...

Look at your beautiful cacti. It sure is warm in your neck of the woods. Lovely to see you back I know exactly what you mean about time passing! Loved the pics of your dove too. Hope your Mum recovers quickly Gail. Hugs to you both.