Monday, November 01, 2010

Stacy at 43!

Every year on November 1st I remember what the "specialists" told us when Stacy was eight months old. "There is too much damage, we don't think she'll be here to celebrate her first birthday." HA! Stacy has proven that even specialists don't have the answers.

Our first stop today was at the lab for blood tests, Stacy has an appointment at Loma Linda on the 8th. The second stop was in Rancho Mirage at the River Shopping Center where we ate outdoors at Acqua Pazza, a Bistro we'd never been to before. Their breakfast menu is huge; Stacy finally settled on blueberry waffles. Yum!! The view from our table was marvelous, the temp in the low 80's and the sky is so clear today that mountains are all in view. Sometimes the sky is hazy from humidity or dust after a windstorm so the mountains aren't as visible. Stacy glowed and was so thrilled to be outdoors. What was I saying a couple of weeks ago about Fashion Island in Newport Beach being spectacular? The River is about 1/4 of the size of Fashion Island and is mostly restaurants but it's pretty spectacular too. And yes, that's Stacy walking away from Acqua Pazza in route to Borders. I nearly missed getting her reflection in the window on the left. Happy Birthday my darling girl!!!


queenopearls said...

Happy Birthday Stacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful photos, thank you!!!
What a stunning day, oh my stars!!

hwfarber said...

What a great reason and a great way to celebrate. Happy Birthday to you and to Stacy.

Kim Palmer said...

Happy birthday to your darling girl Gail. It looks like a beautiful day. One should never listen to those doubters, you just never know do you?

Karen said...

What a fantastic day! Beautiful place, good food and your beautiful daughter, what could be better!!

Julie said...

What a wonderful day! Amazing how they could be so wrong but so good that they were. Happy Birthday to Stacy!

Anonymous said...

I almost missed this one! Happy Birthday Stacy!
I'm so glad you both could go out and celebrate.