Thursday, August 05, 2010

Piccola Arte

While the 4x6 inch size is mostly known as the postcard size I'm introducing another way of looking at the small size; Piccola Arte, Italian for small art, or to my way of  thinking, compact art.

The copper patina heart shouted rustic at me so I complied. The red flannel background was discharged; the surprise during the discharging process is what color will present itself. Gold! Red and Gold with turquoise play well together.  This piece that I've grown fond of  is now listed on etsy

Mother Nature, or is it the individual nature of a tree, has dumped leaves on the ground in a way that looks more like the fall season than the middle of summer. At first I feared that the Bottle Tree was succumbing to the months of over 100 temps, but it seems that the dumping of leaves was due to new growth, phew! More photos on my G-photos blog

I didn't want to announce the names of those who were picked out a hat by Stacy until they had received the give-aways for my blog anniversary. So, Seth, Penny, and Doreen were chosen. I'm considering another give-away for my birthday on Sept. 18.

Quote: At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one's lost self.
Brendan Francis                  


Julie said...

I love the postcard, who would have thought, gold from red?

Lots of our trees are shedding their leaves here too which I suspect is a result of the dry summer in our part of the UK.

Seth said...

Beautiful piece. I love the patina on the heart. And thanks so much to you and Stacy for picking my name. The fabrics and the postcard you sent me are beyond amazing!