Monday, June 28, 2010

More Mail Art

I like the postcards to look like they've already been through the postal system, though, perhaps not as beat up as some of the mail I've received lately. This one says, Cannot be delivered for unknown reason.

Household has moved to unknown sphere which sums up mom's brain.

Quote-less today.


hwfarber said...

I really like these. Are they paintings on fabric--or paintings and stitching on postcards?

Anonymous said...

"Quote-less today." is the perfect quote- go figure! Both of these postcards are beautiful and well done. I like how you've combined your style of bits and pieces, vintage colors and design. And then the added touches of words- and how they relate to your life puts them on a whole other level. Beautiful.
I'm also glad you are posting more- because it tells me you are creating and sharing- coping with life as best you can. I suppose in the end- it's what we must do.

queenopearls said...

SCHWEEEET! Love the colors, composition, verbage... Just wonderful! They do appear already passed through USPS.
Pamo said it best!

Rayna said...

Love these, Gail. Glad you are laughing about your mom's brain. What else can you do?