Saturday, April 10, 2010

The wait is over

The book "1000 Artisan Textiles" arrived yesterday and these are the two out of four pieces of my work that were chosen. I was pretty certain that 713 would be in the book but I thought that perhaps one of the other two would be in the book rather than 714. To see all the 52 creations go here: The one following these two, #32, is the one that I assumed would have been chosen, and the other piece I entered for consideration is in the process of becoming something else.

Kudos to Sandra Salamony and Gina M. Brown for putting together a marvelous book; the volume is truly beautiful and very inspiring.

A  mono-print from this weeks marathon session of screen printing and fabric dyeing. The results from spending hours in the garage studio have left me in a quandary. What do I do with all of the screened and dyed fabric? I have vague ideas that most likely will become solid ideas when the time is right to work on them. Right now I need to get in as much time as I can before the desert heat keeps me indoors of which it nearly did today. I wanted to shout at the universe, "Not yet! Bring back some cooler temps!" It's been about 88 degrees for a couple of days now. And if that isn't annoying/worrying enough I was awake after 2am when a gentle aftershock from the earthquake that hit 6 days ago reminded us that the earth is still shifting on her axis. So, if you feel a little out of balance it could be that Mother Earth is having a difficult time finding her balance.

Quote: Our primeval Mother Earth is an organism that no science in the world can rationalize. Everything on her that crawls and flies is dependent upon Her and all must hopelessly perish if that Earth dies that feeds us.
-Viktor Schauberger


queenopearls said...

And another thing... I love the blue silk screened piece. The cobalt blue splashes are gooseflesh awesome!

queenopearls said...

Congratulations and I adore the two selected yet I can see where you would have assumed #32 would have been. Stunning. I didn't realize you had the picture trail of all 52 projects. Just beautiful, thank you!
Wise quote too.
Nationwise Insurance commercials are right "sometimes life comes at you hard".
Rock on sistah!

Julie said...

Congratulations on having your work in print, it must be really exciting to see your pieces in a book :o) Well done!! xx

Anonymous said...

I love these two pieces selected! Interesting that they are both the same color schemes. #32 is one of my favorites too. I still remember when you finished that one! Love your mono-print and I hope that the weather stays cool awhile longer. It's been a bad year for earthquakes for sure.

Seth said...

Congratulations Gail. What great news. It must have been so exciting looking through the book to see what was published.

ART*ticulation said...

Congrats once again it really validates us when we get published. This is awesome #32 bit I also really love the blue, I can't really tell you why. For some reason I had never been a blue person except for blue it's going everywhere.
It is a luscious piece.