Thursday, April 29, 2010

In the Studio

Sometimes the mop-up cloth, left, is more interesting to me than the intentional pieces are. Just a few folded and dyed fabrics. The deep orange, I thought, might be toned down some with Camel as it's neighbor, but instead "yuck" happened. olive green and deep orange! Maybe over-dyeing will improve the strip of fabric, or? I do like the design though that was improved by some dribbles of black dye.

Rust Brown and? Khaki perhaps? Nice for something.
Purple and Palomino. The colors in this piece are richer than shown  here, so much so that I toss this one over my sewing machine as a dust cover.

1 comment:

queenopearls said...

The richness of your parfait dying is lucious. Way to go! I can see abstract florals in the purple/palomino fabric.
The touch of black in the rust and olive piece is a nice touch. I really like the colors as they are yet it will be interesting to see where you go with this one.