Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year.

December and 2009 were put to rest at midnight. Phew! I'm entering 2010 with Joy and Courageous as the words I hope to live by. The word Courageous is a gift from Pam that was gleaned from an exchange of emails. And Joy is shared with Christina, wink, her chosen word.

Joy was nearly stripped from my life over the last two months making me more determined to en-joy something every day. I have been gripped by fear of the unknown to the point of wanting to curl up into a tight ball and fall into a dark hole of defeat.

New Year: As deep sleep approached I barely made it to midnight to watch the Times Square ball drop and if I hadn't jotted it down I might have thought that I dreamt it; this years crystal ball represents "Let there be courage." Obviously, I'm not the only person who felt defeated in 2009. Nearly every day and night for the last few month health issues and nearly losing my guy replayed in my brain in at attempt to drain inner strength and joy. Not happening!

Components: A 6x6 inch hardboard panel, a layer of gesso imprinted with corrugated cardboard. I find that staining a gesso layer with instant coffee encourages texture and shape along with providing a rich base for paint. Nickel Azo Gold, Cerulean Blue Deep, and Transparent Red Iron Oxide Golden Fluid acrylics are probably my favorite fluid colors. The word "Courageous" was inkjet printed on Muslin and stained with coffee. The quotes were printed on transparency film.

The door in the photo montage is Orvieto, Italy, a joyous memory photographed in June.

Quote: The beginning determines everything. Start the year with a smile. Sally Huss


Anonymous said...

Gail- an absolutely beautiful piece of art with a wonderful message. You are courageous. You remain in my heart dear friend. Here's to more joy!

Linda said...

Gail this piece is very moving. My thoughts and prayers have been with you thru the year and will continue. I love your quotes on courage and will save them, as I too have been very fearful this year. Lots of love!

queenopearls said...

Love it!!!! The rich colors are awesome and the quotes... right on!
I'm not always clear on WHY stuff happens, I just want to go on and en-joy... as you said. So many times feelings can be shared yet they are so deep and personal, it feels like trying to wear down a rock. Then the door(s) appear. I adore your doors. Won-der-full metaphor for 2010... open the door and let it in! :)

La Dolce Vita said...

beautiful and the quotes are very inspiring!

ART*ticulation said...

Gail what an awesome piece and wow what it represents is huge.The colors and texture are delicious.

My wish for you and everyone that 2010 is an awesome year!!!! Sure we will have challenges, elation's, ups and downs. But at the end of 2010 I hope we can say we lived an awesome year weaved with being courageous.

Julie said...

Great words for 2010 Gail and I think they will work well together. Happy and a Joyous New Year to you and everyone you care about. I love the courageous piece you have made and the quotes are just right. How wonderful to have your Tuscan memories too.

Alice C. W. Dennis said...

Gail, this is such a moving piece! beautifully created. Your work --and you--are so inspirational.

Val Foster said...

I totally love this piece. The colors, textures, and the meaning of it. Yes, courage is a fine thing to have. Fear is the opposite of faith. I need to be more courageous too. This is a good reminder.