Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sometimes you just know!

We were leaving the village of Orvieto when I yelled, "stop." There it was, my cypress shot! We didn't have time to see Tuscany so this will have to do. (I have a better version, but am saving that one for myself!) While I was photographing the driver got a tip from a villager who told him to turn left rather than go straight, "better road." As it turns out he was right. Orvieto is the kind of village that you're positive you shouldn't be driving where the signs point. If anyone walks out their front door they'd end up being a hood ornament.
I thought I was going to die in Pompei; hot, dusty and miles and miles of ruins to get lost in. It's hard to believe that all of this was buried in 79 AD when Vesuvius blew its top. Work uncovering the city started in 1594 and continues today. Okay, I'm impressed, but the swollen feet weren't. I confess though, that I got some amazing photographs and when I caught this out of the corner of my eye while trailing behind a group of German tourists who looked like they wanted to kill their guide I knew that I had a winner. None of them stopped to photograph it. My biggest complaints, besides my feet, were that there are too many sites to take in, plus, unless you have a tour guide or rent an audio tour you have have no idea what you're looking at. I must have shot about 100 images of the ruins and I don't think I did it justice. I love to eavesdrop when I hear an English speaking guide; I always need to rest nearby, so I do hear a lot of facts that way. The cheap tour! (we did have audio and personal guides in Rome at the Coliseum and St. Peters.) Would I go back to Pompei? Only on a cool day.
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queenopearls said...

Wow, great cypress photo!!! And the pots in the wall are fabulous. Thank you.
My love to your poor feet!
I'm loving the stories behind the photos too!

Penny said...

Great photos, do wish I could have been there too!
Apart from the feet, and I know all about them.

Seth said...

Great shots. The first is classic Italy and the second is filled with texture!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful photos!! I've left an award for you on my blog. You are so creative!!!!!