Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fighting re-entry!

Fighting re-entry. Can you blame me? We were in Positano on June 10-11th. I could have happily stayed there . . . . The road is treacherous, but the views and village are so alive that I felt a sense of peace. I sat on this balcony at 11pm after walking back from dinner. The breeze was warm and soft and the lights on the sailboat were sparkling jewels. I cried with happiness.
Not every moment in Positano was great such as when the driver parked the car in the first parking lot he saw. What was he thinking? The blue arrow, center right side, is near the beach and shops. We had already gone down hill quite a distance when I took this photo.

Getting closer, but about a gazillion steps left to go. The beginnings of swollen feet and blisters. Worth it, but!

The blue arrows indicate some of the road. I took this shot while we were driving, thus the blurred bushes on the lower right corner. I would have been happy seeing all of this from the car and parking at the bottom where, yes, there were a few parking lots! My feet were screaming by the time we got to the bottom! Happily, there was a bus available to get us back to the parking garage. Though, the driver decided to get off early which as it turned out was a good idea, not for my feet, but we found Hotel Pastea which also had a spot for the car! Not easy to find hotels with parking. (we always have great luck when we travel. No plans, just winging it, and we always end up with a room for the night, though, sometimes it happens later than we'd like.)

The manager told us that we "had" to eat at Fornillo and tell the owner Margherita who sent us; we would be seated at a table with a view of bay. Of course the restaurant was downhill. The table was indeed overlooking the Mediterranean with the sparkling lights of the village to the left. What wasn't mentioned was that cars nearly joined us for dinner while maneuvering the curve the restaurant was perched on. One slip of the pedal and who knows where we might have landed. I love adventures and this certainly was one. A perfect meal was served to us and we closed down Fornillo along with a table of locals. Positano, a plate of divine gnocchi followed by tiramisu and a bottle of unbelievable Italian wine! Does it get any better?

Quote: Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone. John Steinbeck, 1953

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queenopearls said...

Awesome!!! I'm loving this tour via photos! Thank you and you tell a great tale as well. Beautiful photos. The Canon loves you!