Tuesday, May 05, 2009

#29 of 52 projects

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Being that I veered off track with #27 and #28 I took a break to see if I could get back on course. I think that I have. The two lutradur pieces didn't exactly follow the guidelines I gave myself. During the last 6 weeks I've been dyeing fabric along with creating oodles of screen prints. I've learned a lot including that I take lousy notes! The rush is on to get as much done in the garage studio as I can before the nights stay as hot as the days are, 102 degrees today, because then I won't be able to work in the garage. When it cools down at night the portable AC unit works. Today the AC unit was stuck at 92 degrees, which seems unbearable, but the air blasting out of it aimed directly at me is doable.

Components: Rust dyed fabric that was over-dyed with turquoise dye. Bits and pieces of scraps including threads were needle punched onto the muslin. A purple painted strip of lutradur was sliced down the middle leaving about an inch at the heat. The strip was heat distressed and machine sewn onto the 4x6 inch piece.

Notes: muslin doesn't hold up when needle punches excessively in on area. To trap the scraps I placed a piece of netting over the entire surface but the needles kept pulling up the scraps anyway so I ended up needle punching the backside.

Quote: She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar. Janet Fitch - White Oleander


Julie said...

I've not tried overdyeing rust fabrics yet but it seems a good idea as it is not always easy to find projects to use them in. I like this piece.

Val Foster said...

This is cool Gail. I love the rusted overdyed base, and especially all the scraps and threads. Well, I'm a nut for using threads for texture and interest. Good job.