Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yellow Dots

Black square needle punched onto blue felt; front to back and back to front until I like the blending. Strips of red felt needle punched from back first then front to tone down the red. Yellow roving circles. Metallic gold thread satin stitch edged and decorative stitched. Learned:I like the blending of two colors of felt, blue and black. Edge stitching felt has a tendency to distort the piece. The fragment/patch could be used on a larger piece.

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queenopearls said...

I really like the color and composition as well.
The problems with felt going "wonky" when felted and satin stitched is an issue for me as well. I haven't tried backing it with pellon or other stiff stabilizer to solve this issue. Nor have I come to accept "wonky" as a look for needle punched felt. lol Still looking for the solution or not using felt.