Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Such is Life!

So, the Janome Xpression was delivered last Monday TO THE WRONG HOUSE! Apparently, the machine made a pit-stop two doors down from me; at least that's what the tracking system shows. UPS was supposed to look into it last Friday but that didn't happen until today when they were "coaxed" to do so by a sales person at Redlands Sewing Center! The UPS driver informed me an hour ago that no one was home people today so he'd try again tomorrow. I would never have known that the machine had been shipped if I hadn't received a phone call from Redlands last Friday asking me how I liked my two new machines. What two machines? The sewing machine arrived last Tuesday and is loads of fun but no embellisher.

The new sewing machine has a lot of fun stitches and after I tried them all out yesterday I added some much-needed touches to this piece that I had felted and distressed quite some time ago. Hand stitching is just too hard for me to do so I'm very pleased that there are so many stitches to utilize on the Jem 760. Threads: red, blue, and gold .
Note: this piece is located in a May post along with a pic of the attachment that is now available. Interested may contact me at: gpierce@dslextreme.com And, a friend of mine has a Janome Xpression available, also contact me and I'll connect you with her. I won't pass up a reasonable offer for the attachment.

(On the home front: Stacy had yet another miserable test last Tuesday at Loma Linda Medical Center. The RN who did the bladder pressure test, AKA something I can't pronounce much less spell, told us that Stacy's numbers are in the right zone. You'd think that we'd be doing a happy dance, but now we need a verbal clearance from the urologist at Loma Linda before Stacy can be placed on a a kidney transplant list. The doctor is booked solid until October. There is a little concern about the urine reflux problem that still exists from the birth defect that caused all of the kidney problems so that might need to be addressed . . .)

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to leave me comments or email me! It means a lot!

Quote: The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery. Francis Bacon


Marilyn said...

This is so unusual - very pretty. I love your kool-aid dyed yarns too! I'm sending good energy to Stacy (and you).

Val Foster said...

This is very cool, Gail. I'm so glad you bought a new, fancy sewing machine. My new machine, a Brother, has 60 stitches. I haven't tried half of them, but played with some last December. It seems to be a very cool machine, with push button sewing if I want, and a built-in needle threader, which I NEED, and lots of different feet for different things.

I need to watch the DVD, and read the manual again, to know what all it can do. But I'm sure it's a very cool sewing machine, and just sad I haven't hardly used it since I bought it.

Can't wait to see what great work you do with your new embellisher machine -- when you finally get it.

Hugs, as always. You never fail to inspire me Gail. I truly mean that.