Thursday, December 20, 2007

Favorite Movie - Pay-it-Forward

There are lots of Pay-it-Forward posts happening on blogs right now. Thought I'd join the fun and offer a handmade something to be sent in Jan or Feb. A name will be drawn from a "hat" after New Years Day, so leave a comment on this post by Jan. 1, for a chance to receive something from me. The comment is: What is your favorite Christmas movie? Currently mine is "Love Actually." The movie wasn't presented as a Christmas one, but the story evolves around the Christmas season and I always feel lighter after seeing it. Last night I did catch a movie on HBO that was funny. Danny DeVito at his best; I don't remember the name of it.

NOTE: Some of you may not have a blogger/goggle account so if that's the case email me your comment to: and I'll add your name to the hat. Cut off date is midnight New Year's Eve.


Linda said...

hey Gail, I like "love actually" also, gotta love Hugh Grant, but my favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas.
Merry Christmas!!

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Gail, I also like "Love Actually" but my all time favorite was a made for TV movie of Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory" with Geraldine Page.

Carol said...

I watched the Holiday with Kate winslet and jack black last night and that was really lovely! Love carol T
I also like Family guy with Nick Cage, however he could be on the screen for 2 hours doing nothing and i would be a happy bunny!

Maggie said...

I play the Love Actually soundtrack many times a day usually on Sunday when I'm puttering around the house & working in my studio. I just need to hear the first few beats to put me in the right frame of mind.
my favourite movie is French Kiss - cute & reminds me of many wonderful trips to France.

Penny said...

Hi Gail, a bit of discussion around the pool table, I loved Love Actually, saw it on an overseas flight so I guess that made it special, John said bing crosby couldnt remember the name probably white Christmas. My probably all time favorite was Christmas Carrol, but dont know which one, too long ago to remember!
Do have a happy Christmas and for New Year I wish for you some time.

sammy said...

There are so many great Christmas stories that it is hard to pick just one... But I guess I would pick... The Christmas Story... I love how he has to dress up in that stupid bunnny outfit that his aunt got him.... Just a fun movie all around!