Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Postcard

This is the original, maybe not the exact one, that was scanned for the fabric postcard below. The background is gesso and rust. Stacy has a collection of Christmas rubber stamps that worked well with a grid.

The tree is decorated, the gifts are ready for wrapping and I think that just about everything is done. At least I hope so! I'm out of steam so it'll be an even more low-key Christmas than usual. I was hungry for brisket but had no idea that finding one would take me three weeks! I nearly missed the few that Ralph's grocery store had and by the time I got there last week the decision was down to two choices. Sheesh! But what would a holiday be without the hunt for something? Today's hunt was for Pokemon characters that Jack has a sudden "need" for. He turns 6 on Jan. 3rd so what's a grandma to do but fill the need.

I'm taking a hiatus from creating anything until some time in January; the end of the year is proving to be overwhelming with health issues and appointments. I finally got a library card and checked out a huge stack of mysteries that I'm working my way through. The week I got the card the library closed for a month long remodeling and isn't due to open until Jan. 14th. Supposedly, they get about 400 requests a month for new cards. To say the least I moved to the desert in the midst of a huge population boom.

Decorate Your Christmas With Happiness!

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