Monday, October 29, 2007

Vessel Challenge

I barely finished the vessel in time for the Oct. challenge on the yahoo group TextileChallenges. It ended up being more of a workout than I was prepared for. But in the end I'm pleased with the result. (click on the photos to enlarge them.)
On the upper right of this montage is a piece of rust dyed felt that I distressed and then randomly glazed with some handmade paper pulp. The scan of the felt is probably more accurate of what the color really looks like; its not as orange as indicated in the photos. I had the worst time photographing the vessel. On the upper left is a close-up of the left side of the vessel showing hand dyed yarn and a stick wrapped with dyed fabric and rusted wire. The bottom left photo is just a fun one. The middle photo is a front view of the vessel and on the right is a back view. The substrate is painted lutradur that was distressed on the top after the felt was attached to it. Paint: washes of 3 shades of blue and some gold fluid acrylic. I love how paint seems to know where to flow on lutradur and in this case seemed to take on an antique patina that complemented the felt. Amazingly enough the color of the lutradur in the photos is pretty accurate.


Purple Missus said...

This is absolutely fabulous. I love the two colours together and the way you have joined it is very inventive. How tall does it stand? Is the vessel based on a study of something or did it just evolve as you went along?
I really do like this one, you must be very pleased with it. I certainly would be. :)

Homeleightigger said...

Hi Gail - your Vessel is just wonderful and really looks like rusty metal! Val

Penny said...

Gail this is fabulous, it looks quite incredible, I hope it takes pride of place some where.