Sunday, October 28, 2007

Palm frond texture

Don't you love it when nature provides a texture plate? While on a midnight stroll around the neighborhood I happened upon a small palm frond on the sidewalk. Bad circulation often keeps me awake and rather than spending 10 minutes on the Exercycle I opted for a walk; the full moon beckoned. The gated community I live in is kept in pristine condition so it's rare to find anything on the ground.
The first rubbing is on tissue paper. For the second one I tore out a page from a French book. The wax crayon provided a resist that I took advantage of by lightly going over the page with a green fluid acrylic wash. The brown splotches are my favorite aging technique.
It's a good day! The smokey sky isn't nearly as bad as it was yesterday and I woke up knowing how to proceed to with the vessel.

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