Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wonderfulicious Wednesday - week in review

The Garden continues to gift me with
daily reasons to grab my camera; no reason
to leave the house! 
Yellow Barrel Cactus bloom against
a larger Barrel Cactus,

A tree stake is the perfect place for birds to pose. 
This photo was blended with a texture layer.

Shrooms among pansies.

Nearly daily I'm greeted with Sea Urchin Cactus flowers.. 
 They bloom in the 
early hours and die in the afternoon desert heat.

The above 4 flowers on one plant! What a rare surprise.

Above, a different view of the flowers in the pot.

Two flowers in the garden; ten bloomed that day.

Gardening allows you to
absorb the sounds of nature.
Anthony William


Sharmon Davidson said...

Hi Gail! I'm so intrigued by your lovely cactus flowers, something we don't see here in Kentucky. I really like the dove photo, too; those we do have here!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

These early morning blooms must take your breath away! No end to the feelings to feel and the beauty to see and all right there at home! Love the dove in all your app ability and beauty.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful, Gail. The desert has so many interesting plants and flowers. Love the post with the bird.