Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday to me . . .

   Two years ago I made these Breast Pockets when Melanie Testa put out a call for them. And this month the bottom right one was published in "Quilting Arts" magazine. At that time I had just finished 4 grueling rounds of chemo and was about to start 33 days of Radiation. Fast forward and today I'm celebrating a birthday that I've always had doubts I would live to see. Too many health issues.
    Melanie received hundreds of pockets so to say the least I'm thrilled that the one I made for mom was published. I might make one or two more to send into QA for their challenge.
   The one in QA was made from fabric that I created using a glue resist and paint. The two hearts are copper that was soaked in vinegar until the patina developed.

 The Spread in QA.


And mine was even chosen for the contributors page.

In the studio. Pouring paint experiments.

Simply, black and white acrylic paints. . . the bottom painting was tweaked with
an app. to achieve the red tones. 


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Loving these paint pours and the last one is so beautiful with tweaking of red if on fire!
Birthdays are even sweeter when unexpected so I hope your celebration was full out. I was under the care of hospice and now each day is a birthday!

Penny said...

So glad you are still here ! and still creating.

queenopearls said...

Love the pocket and huge congratulations on being published... AGAIN!!! I am so happy you ARE still here and wonderful creations. The paint pours are wonderful. Love them all! The 1st and 3rd remind me of wood patterns while the 2nd one reminds me of aerial photography. Go Gail!!!

Marilyn said...

Gail, your pouring paints are magnificent. Happy Birthday to you!!

Pam Huggins said...

You create BEAUTIFUL art and I am not surprised in the least that it was picked for publication from among so many wonderful entries.

Happy belated birthday. I'm so glad you are still with us creating art and sharing you.

Your painting pics are fantastic!