Saturday, March 08, 2014


Where did February go? I assumed that I had blogged last month but I see that I was mistaken. Plans went awry that's for sure. Mom didn't end up going into a Board and Care home that my brother and I had lined up in December. Instead she fell again and this time fractured her pelvis. So, not only has Alzheimer's wiped out her memory now her bones are breaking. It's a very sad time made more so when we visit her in a nursing home. It's not the place we had hoped she would end up in.

I've never been drawn to Heart shaped anything but suddenly hearts seem to be appearing everywhere. While I was sorting thru art supplies a few weeks ago a container of foam hearts fell out of a box and the tiny hearts seem to have drifted throughout the house; they show up in the unlikely places. A key ring with a silver heart was discovered in a drawer in the dresser. Yesterday at the La Quinta Art Festival  I saw quite a few heart shaped art pieces and this morning when I was moving some things on my desk the above arrangement was on a canvas. Okay. Someone loves me! I believe! After seeing a lot of paintings yesterday Stacy informed me last night that I should make a painting for her and it should be a heart.

The dried roses in the photo are from a bush that bloomed on the day Roger died three years 
ago this month.

Know that you are loved!


Penny said...

From the bottom of my heart, thinking of you.

PAMO said...

I'm sorry about your Mom. You have done so much for her and I know that she means the world to you.

You are loved too my friend.

Julie said...

You have been and are loved. Enjoy the hearts. xx