Sunday, June 03, 2012

Marilyn in Palm Springs

 The 25-foot high statue of Marilyn Monroe arrived from Chicago last month; she'll reside in Palm Springs for a year. We were driving by on the way back from the Aerial Tramway so I was able to get
2 photographs of her before the signal turned green. 
Digital Camera > iPhone > Camera+ > portrait. 2nd photo, Photo Noir. 3rd photo ?. 4th photo same as first.
 Earlier in the month, May 14th, downtown Palm Springs, Lulu's for lunch, outdoors. The misters were on, 109 temp, which makes for interesting photos.  Below, taken from same spot.


ART*ticulation said...

What great photos of the statue, I take it you did this from the car which is even more impressive!!

Caterina Giglio said...

oh right, I forgot about misters!! just had to pop over and tell you that your photo on Seths blog is just FABULOUS!! you rock! xo

PAMO ART said...

I always love looking at your work Gail. You are an artist through and through.