Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Apps

 The bougainvillea blossoms are white, of course. The image was taken with Camera+ on the iPhone and then Gungetastic manipulated using various textures.
The top of a 27 year old Saguaro Cactus that was only one foot tall when I moved here; it obviously didn't like living along the foggy  Monterey Coast. The Saguaro proudly stands at 3 feet tall now. I have no idea how many apps this went through until I ended up with this. It's time to start thinking about removing the Cactus from the pot and putting it into the ground where it will live indefinitely.


Penny said...

You are so clever with these aps i have no idea how it all works probably never will. Thaks for the thoughts, been a tough time, but far touger for our son and his wife

queenopearls said...

Very abstract... both of them! I like! :)