Sunday, October 24, 2010


 Did you miss me? Two weeks ago I was in Redondo Beach keeping my grandsons out of trouble while their parents celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary in NYC. Last year they were in Norway when my guy had the debilitating strokes, so its been a year since that devastating event.  

After my daughter and SIL returned I had a day to myself, one without an agenda. I drove down PCH, aka Pacific Coast Highway, and stopped in the
renovated and now very upscale town of Huntington Beach. Why you might ask? We lived in Huntington Beach in the 60's. I graduated from Huntington HS, Stacy was born in HB and Corey in Newport Beach. From HB I continued south to Fashion Island and in my opinion all malls/shopping centers should look like this one, though, here in the desert it would be a ghost town all summer due to the intense temps that rarely go below 105.

 I wandered around the mall for a couple of hours and ate lunch outdoors even though it was a bit chilly, in the 70's.
 I forgot to take photos while I was on the other bay side of the mall. Oh well, these few photos gives you an idea of the architecture and landscape.
 Just below Fashion Island, to the north, is an area called Back Bay. We lived on the other side of it in Costa Mesa in the 50's. Could I be that old? Back then there weren't any houses on the cliffs. The one-way road that skirts the bay is quiet, so much so that I sat and enjoyed the peace before turning on the GPS. I had no idea how to get on the freeway from there. When I was a kid most of the freeways hadn't been built. Once I was on the 405 I was back in Redondo Beach in about 45 minutes; it took over two hours on PCH to get to Fashion Island.
 More of the Back Bay. And below is a shot that I knew was destined for PSE manipulation.

So, the tooth that caused horrendous pain over a week ago was cracked below the deep filling. I've now had two extractions in five weeks which I believe is more than enough tooth loss.


Julie said...

I enjoyed your photos Gail, especially the last one. I hope you are getting over the latest extraction and feeling better without the pain. I have a cracked tooth myself and am waiting for it to fall apart before my dentist will do anything about it. It certainly hurts if I catch it.

La Dolce Vita said...

wow! I did miss you!! and your photos are wonderful, but 70 to me now is summer weather!! because winter can get to 20 below!! your photos make me miss CA, and that lovely drive on PCH! xo

queenopearls said...

Beautiful photos and you tell a great tale. I'm glad you have most of your dental work behind you. At least the pain will abate.

Rayna said...

70 is CHILLY?? hahahahahaha - you funny woman, you.

Glad the tooth saga is over and hope you'll be fine from now on.