Saturday, September 04, 2010

Give-Away and Crazy Quilt

We're not a sentimental family or one who hands down heirlooms, but when I found mom sitting on this quilt this morning I nearly lost it! It's been folded and stored in a dresser drawer for the last four years until this morning when mom discovered it and put it on her bed. The quilt was made by mom's grandmother and passed on to mom by my grandmother. And of course it goes to me followed by Stacy.

I only remember about 3 places where the fabric has frayed and now there about a dozen. The quilt is very fragile and I have no idea how to restore it, though, I have a feeling that handing it down stops with Stacy and me. So, perhaps I should figure out a way to hang it in Stacy's bedroom. She loves it! And maybe it's time to enjoy it before it falls apart.            


What I'm thinking is that anyone who leaves me a comment about what I might do with this gorgeous quilt or which section is your favorite will be in the running for the give-away to celebrate my birthday. The deadline is Sept. 18th. I do have a favorite area on the quilt and happily it's still intact.


This was timely for today. It's about the Alzheimer's Memory Quilt show. I asked mom why she had put the quilt on her bed and she told me that it's always been on her bed. It's never been used on a bed. Mom did have it draped over a round table for a few years and that could be when some of the damage occurred. Though, as old as this quilt is I  imagine that just time has taken a toll on it. I love the decayed and frayed areas, but if those areas can be stopped from further aging that would be ideal. Anyway, go to the link and hit "listen." I defy you not be moved! More puzzle pieces of mom's brain have disappeared and now she has no memory of where this beautiful quilt came from.


Julie said...

Your quilt is totally beautiful and even more so because your great grandmother made it, the stitching is so beautiful and even too. I think it would be wonderful for you and Stacey to enjoy it together, I'm sure your mum's mum would want you to do that and maybe your mum will get some enjoyment from seeing it too. Can you hang it where it will be out of the sun so it doesn't fade? Depending on the size you could sew curtain rings on the reverse and hang it from those or sew on a hanging sleeve and hang it from a baton or by means of a curtain rod.

I love all of the quilt but I think your first photograph is my favourite.

Enjoy your quilt. Such beautiful work was made to be seen and enjoyed.

Kathleen Sigg said...

It's absolutely beautiful!

Karen said...

This is a beautiful quilt! I would suggest putting a muslin backing on it to give it some stability and to help with fraying so as to keep it together. A hanging sleeve could be added so it could hang in a place where the sun won't damage it. I am especially partial to the embroidered fan block. Such a wonderful memory for you to cherish!

Karen said...

This is such a beautiful quilt! How special it has family memories too. I am especially partial to the embroidered fan block.
To help with keeping this quilt in one piece I would suggest putting a muslin backing on the quilt to give it some stability from fraying fabrics. You could sew on a sleeve for hanging as well. Again, keep it away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Penny said...

This is a stunningly beautiful quilt. I love the last photo. I think you should hang and enjoy it. If you go to my back valley seasons blog amd click on
sharonb in the side bar she is a very knowledgeble embroiderer and crazy quilter and I am sure could give you some advice.
My mother died on Friday night, her 97 years to be celebrated, not mourned, although we will miss her.

queenopearls said...

Sweet crazy quilt! Wow, look at all that stitching. Surely there is a great way to preserve it from decay. Penny and Karen might have an idea.

Kim Palmer said...

What a wonderful piece of family history here Gail. Love the fan but that wee white embroidered flower on the grey is little piece of tranquility. Love it. Have been away for a while and am just catching up on your posts. OMG love the cirque piece, wow colour and texture!

Libby Fife said...

The quilt is really wonderful. Enjoy it now if you want. I visited the Haggin museum in Stockton and they have an historical Stockton exhibit. Guess what type of quilt was on the bed? You could always donate your quilt to a museum or an historical society too:)

hwfarber said...

An all-over beautiful quilt and a touching story.

My mother, who suffered from Alzheimer's, lived with me for a while and once decided to use my "old, raggedy pillows" instead of new ones. I had bought the old ones at a Native American auction.

Maybe you can take the quilt out occasionally and let your mother touch it. My mother seemed to be comforted by moving her hands over things--maybe our hands feel memories.