Saturday, February 20, 2010

In the Studio

A Nugget of Joy! This is the best photo I could get of this magnificent Monarch; posing for photos wasn't what it had in mind. The joy it found in my yard and plants put a smile on my face.
Last Sunday I reorganized and cleaned up the garage studio so that I can start having marathon fabric dyeing sessions. Roger's car and belongings were picked up that day by his oldest son and I needed to work off some steam. It seems that the leased car needed to be returned, okay, but Roger's belongings? I dumped some of his things in the trunk and called it a day. Roger's progress is slow and it seems that he's having run-ins with gangsters and robbers plus his left foot keeps falling off. It's his left side that's paralyzed. My dad hallucinated about gangsters and robbers too, what's up with that? The brain is a puzzlement.

This piece is more of a patch than anything else; I don't have anything in mind for it yet. The background is a used Olay daily facial and how grand is that they can be recycled? The price of them alone prevents me from tossing them after they're used. The circle is a cosmetic pad, I use my finger tips to apply makeup so I had no idea how cheap the circles and square pads are. Once they've been dunked in water they happily allow Golden Fluid acrylics to flow all over them just like the Olay facials do. The squiggly thread is a frayed edge off of a dyed piece of fabric. All three components were attached together with gel medium and can be stitched on. The idea for this piece came from Sherrill Kahn's latest book, "Creative Mixed Media," paint, print, stitch, stamp, and embellish. Yummy!

Quote: Let nothing stand in the way of feeling good. Sally Huss


Anonymous said...

Wonderful inspiration! The butterfly is a beauty and your mixed media piece is nicely done. It never would have occurred to me!

queenopearls said...

Nice that the butterfly held still for a moment.
The Oil of Olay daily facial piece with the cosmetic pad is splendid. Nice reuse idea! the threads are perfect. Reminds me of a spinal cord!
which leads me to brains and how they associate things to create images. What amazing miraculous creatures we are! We can imagine and create.


Seth said...

This patch is already looking very cool. And what an amazing and unexpected ingredient list!