Sunday, March 30, 2008

Textured what?

Mystery technique.

Tell me what you think the texture is and I'll send the first person who gets it right a credit card pouch similar to the ones I posted yesterday. (email me at
if you'd prefer not to leave a comment on this blog.

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Carol said...

Hot glue????? and embossing powders??? Otherwise I would say Gesso and paint, sandwiched and pulled apart??? Clutching!

Doreen Kinkade said...

Is it air dry clay, stampainted. What ever it is it's gorgeous.

Gail P said...

So, Carol, are going with your first or second choice?

Gail P said...

Thanks for the comment.

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

OK first you did the paper bag technique the texture is modeling paste?

katelnorth said...

I know what it is - but I'm in textile challenges as well, so I think I'll exempt myself - it looks great, though!

Gail P said...

Carol emailed me with the correct guess; it's gesso and paint. I'll be mailing her a pouch ASAP!!
Thanks for all of the comments and playing along!